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We will miss you, Ingmar

30 luglio 2007, lunedì

He compelled people to think and wonder deeply about themselves.
He lived art as I will try to do in the future.
He was the best.
I loved his movies, watched his tv series, then he opened my mind with an interview.
A heart. A mind. The very sense of theatre.

di marco dewey

The world has lost one of its very greatest filmmakers. He taught us all so much throughout his life.”
Richard Attenborough, film director.

He was a director of the human condition, of the misery of man, of feminine mystery… the last of the greats because he proved that cinema can be as profound as literature.”               Gilles Jacob, director of the Cannes Film Festival

Bergman’s work left no doubt that film and its expressions are at least as strong as any of the old arts: music or painting.”
Alexander Horwath, director of the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna

He was one of the great masters and one of the great humanists of cinema. There are very few people of that kind of stature today. He proved that cinema could be an art form.”
Nick James, editor of Sight & Sound, the magazine of the British Film Institute

It is a great loss. I am in shock.. There were Kurosawa, Fellini and then Bergman. Now he is also gone.”
Bille August, film director.

( 07.30.2007)


Too warm even to die

24 luglio 2007, martedì

The air is still. Nothing seems to help my pc from this temperature. Italy is transforming itself in a huge ashtray. Always the same things. Malicious fires to earn fields to the woods for personal use.
When you gonna learn? You understand only fines, handcuffs and jail. Pray not to be alone with me if I find some of you doing that.
I wouldn’t be the man I am.

di marco dewey


Happy to swim

23 luglio 2007, lunedì
Porto San Giorgio

Porto San Giorgio

It’s my very first time here.
Maybe the only reason to write at this time of the night is the will to check the character on this (at the moment) white page.
Oh, today I swam till the centre of my town. I never thought to do that, maybe as I never thought to be able without stopping (about 700 m).
Quite satisfying.

di marco dewey